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Whether you’re an athlete or someone who just started exercising,
what you eat before and after your workout will have an impact on your goals.

Carbohydrates are your best friends for before workout. Essentially, they are the main energy source for your body especially if its high intensity or a long continuous exercise. Lack of carbohydrates can cause you to fatigue faster and reduce your training performance.

The ideal pre-workout would be to eat a meal that consists of both carbohydrate and protein. Studies have shown that it will have a higher impact on muscle development when they are taken before a workout. The increased in protein before a workout will deliver greater amino acids to your muscles during your workout which leads to greater muscle growth.

Here are some recommendations:

- Oatmeal with fruits
- Greek yoghurt
Egg and whole wheat bread
Fruit salad with fruit-flavoured yoghurt
Whole wheat toast with sliced banana


If you’re looking to reduced your waist size, you can consider taking a serving of Horleys Ripped Factors as a pre-workout shake. It contains burners to increase your metabolic rate so that you burn more calories while working out.  Not only that, with its high protein and low carbohydrate, it’s the perfect combo with your carbohydrates food.



    Studies have shown that essential amino acids taken within the first hour will promote protein rebuilding. 
    Adding a carbohydrate source together with protein will reduce muscle protein breakdown, which helps you recover faster. 

    Here are some recommendations:

    - Baked beans with 2 slices of toast
    - Brown rice with grilled chicken and mixed vegetables
    - Whole wheat tuna fish and spinach sandwich
    - Protein shake: Aim between 20-40g of protein
    - 2 servings of Marigold HL flavoured milk