Current Profession - Athlete

Top Sporting Achievements - 15th at 2016 Rio Olympic Games


Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games


Who is your biggest career influence?

Santiago Lange

What are your hobbies outside of training & competition?

Stand up paddling, kite surfing, reading

What are two training tips you have for aspiring athletes?

•As an athlete, I train almost every single day and it puts a lot of pressure on my body that causes a lot of wear and tear. This amplifies the importance of rest and recovery, where attention to nutrition (what I fuel my body with as well as regular hydration) and amount of sleep (usually at least 8 hours) are of high importance so that I can sustain high intensity training blocks in the lead up to competitions. ​
• Stretching is also really important as it helps with mobility and injury prevention. Understanding that pushing as hard as you can is always an aim, but taking care of your body afterwards and doing a proper cool down and stretch will allow the body to keep functioning and going at that work rate the days after. Therefore, integrating a proper routine into any training programme is vital.​

Tell us something we don’t know about you

Although I sail and enjoy many water sports, I was once terrified of being in the water. However, fear is a chemical reaction that stems from the brain. Simply put, it’s all in the mind. So I challenged myself head on by first visualizing myself in an uncomfortable position and thinking of how I would like to then react to it, before actually placing myself in that situation. This really helped me get over my fear of being in the water and it has taught me that through mental strength, it can help you get through a lot of adversities in life.


Pre-workout - Gives me a boost of energy to start my training.

Intra-workout - Helps me to keep pushing hard during training.

100% Whey + Gultamine - Assist my recovery so I'm fresh to go for the next day!

Protein bars - Gives me a quick recovery and refuel my body after training.