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Back in 2013, 60-year-old Chris Koh was on an 11-day cruise with his wife where they both noticed an 80-year-old gentleman who seemed to walk faster and more comfortably than everyone else a lot younger than he was. Walking up to this strong gentleman proved to be essential in the following years of their lives and those of their friends and family.

The old man testified to the lovely couple, revealing the secret to his bone and cartilage well-being, recommended to him only about 12 months prior to the cruise. He recommended CH-Alpha ACTIV to Chris Koh and his wife, changing their lives and the lives of those around them.

A few years later, Chris Koh and his wife have both reported experiencing wonderfully strengthened joints and fewer joint conditions due to daily consumption of CH-ALPHA ACTIV supplements and have shared this wonderful secret with several friends enjoying similar benefits from its consumption.

CH-ALPHA ACTIV is a supplement containing natural bioactive collagen peptides tested and proven to have positive stimulation effects in the synthesis of bone and new joint cartilage. This supplement was produced by the Collagen Multinational Giant in Germany known as "Gelita Health GmbH" who made use of a revolutionary idea based on targeting the supply of the small and easily absorbed collagen raw materials required in the manufacture of cartilage. Inspired by this idea, Gelita broke down the molecular weight of collagen from about 300 kilo Daltons to an impressive 3.3 kilo Daltons.

These smaller bioactive collagen peptides found in CH-Alpha ACTIV tend to be more efficient in the stimulation of cartilage synthesis than traditionally used larger Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin molecules.

After consumption of CH-Alpha, the easily absorbed collagen peptides get right to work in very little time periods with the stimulation of chondrocytes and extra cellular matrix of cartilage.

In most cases, regular consumption of CH-Alpha ACTIV provides the body with ideal supplies of collagen peptides that when combined with an exercise routine works wonders in the rejuvenation of joint cartilage making movement smoother and a lot more comfortable at every age.

Many of the people facing joint issues due to aging and other natural deficiencies experience significant relief from pain and increased mobility after taking CH-Alpha ACTIV for only a few weeks. This revolutionary product not only fixes cartilage joints for comfortable mobility, it is also reported to have welcomed effects enhancing the immune system, thereby reducing the chances of suffering from other ailments.

General feedback from consumers of CH-Alpha ACTIV is similar to those of the 80-year-old ‘’strong man’’ and Chris Koh’s family remarkably highlighting the absence of side effects.

CH-Alpha ACTIV is sold in a convenient one-month supply of drinking ampoules.

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