CH-Alpha ACTIV Fortigel® with Rosehip (Joint & Cartilage Support) - 1 Box [Exp: 05/2026]


  A perfect, natural & effective joint care supplement (10,000mg Bioactive Collagen Peptides FORTIGEL® + Rosehip) to protect & regenerate joint cartilage for an active lifestyle at any age, giving people back quality of life. Clinically proven & ideal for: ★ Cartilage regeneration ★ Pain relief (knee, shoulder, hip, ankle pain, backache, etc)...

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A perfect, natural & effective joint care supplement (10,000mg Bioactive Collagen Peptides FORTIGEL® + Rosehip) to protect & regenerate joint cartilage for an active lifestyle at any age, giving people back quality of life. Clinically proven & ideal for:
 Cartilage regeneration
 Pain relief (knee, shoulder, hip, ankle pain, backache, etc)
 Joint mobility & flexibility
 Osteoarthritis/arthritis pain (OA pain)
 Strong joints — relief cracking knees, stiffness, stiff neck, swollen joints, etc

CH-Alpha ACTIV contains Bioactive Collagen peptides and a patented compound Fortigel. Fortigel will regenerate damaged and worn cartilage to build stronger and more flexible joints. To regenerate cartilage, we need collagen raw materials that are small and can be absorbed. These Bioactive Collagen peptides are easily absorbed vs the much larger Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM molecules. Once absorbed, they stimulate Chondrocytes and the extracellular cartilage matrix. While Fortigel is the key active ingredient, it also contains Vitamin C & Rosehip (provides anti-inflammatory potential for pain reduction.)

ACTIV+LIFE® CH-Alpha ACTIV is clinically proven. Suitable for diabetics. 30-day supply. Made in Germany by Gelita Health. 


ACTIV +LIFE® CH-Alpha ACTIV是保护和修复关节软骨的完美、自然和有效的方法。适合各个年龄段的人士使用,提高人们的生活质量。

ACTIV +LIFE® CH-Alpha ACTIV是一种含有生物活性胶原蛋白肽和,名为Fortigel的专利化合物的液体饮品。 Fortigel的功效类似体内的胶原蛋白,修复和再生受损和磨损的软骨,令你获得更强大、更灵活的关节。我们的身体需要胶原蛋白原料以再生软骨,这些原料很小而且可以被人体吸收。

这个问题已得到解决,德国公司Gelita Health GmbH更获得制造过程的专利。 Gelita将胶原蛋白从约300千道尔顿分解为约3.3千道尔顿分子量。这些生物活性胶原蛋白肽比更大的葡萄糖胺、软骨素和MSM分子由人体更容易吸收。当我们的身体吸收后,它们就可以通过刺激软骨细胞和细胞外软骨基质来发挥功效。

除了Fortigel是关键的活性成分之外,ACTIV +LIFE® CH-Alpha ACTIV更含有维生素C和玫瑰果。玫瑰果具有抗炎作用,可明显减轻疼痛。

ACTIV +LIFE® CH-Alpha ACTIV已经临床验证。

ACTIV +LIFE® CH-Alpha ACTIV是一种天然产品,不含副作用,与其他药物的相互使用也不含副作用。

糖尿病患者也可以服用 ACTIV +LIFE® CH-Alpha ACTIV

每盒ACTIV +LIFE® CHAlpha ACTIV有一个月1的份量,每盒30瓶。

ACTIV +LIFE® CH-Alpha ACTIV 由德国制造。




® CH-Alpha ACTIV is the perfect, natural, and effective way to protect and regenerate joint cartilage – for an active lifestyle at every age. At the same time, it is also a product backed up by many pieces of research.

Multiple pieces of research performed on different target groups (physically active individuals, sportsmen, overweight and elderly people) have shown that long-term consumption of hydrolysed collagen (at least 12­-24 weeks) improves joint mobility and reduces pain.

FORTIGEL® promotes growth of cartilage tissue
The effectiveness of FORTIGEL® has been scientifically proven in numerous studies. According to published research, orally administered FORTIGEL® is absorbed intestinally and accumulates in cartilage. The ingestion of FORTIGEL® stimulates a statistically significant increase in cartilage tissue metabolism.

Penn State study confirms improvement of mobility with FORTIGEL®
At Penn State University (USA, 2008), 147 athletes were recruited who experienced activity-related joint pain. Those athletes (mean age 20.1 years) were subdivided into one group taking FORTIGEL® as a nutritional supplement and a control group taking a placebo for 24 weeks. The severity of symptoms was rated both by the treating physician and by the study participants with a visual analogue scale.

In this prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, it was interesting to observe a statistically significant difference in pain perception between treatment and control groups. When utilizing alternative therapies such as hydrotherapy, massage, and ice and heat packs, there was a clear-cut difference between the treatment and the placebo group in favor of the FORTIGEL® group. This was the first trial to show improvement in joint pain in healthy athletes treated with FORTIGEL®.

In summary, the studies confirm that the intake of FORTIGEL® results in an improvement of mobility in healthy individuals.

McAlindon proves long-term effect of FORTIGEL®
In a study published in March 2011 by McAlindon and colleagues, the long-term effect of FORTIGEL® treatment on the composition of hyaline cartilage in individuals with early knee osteoarthritis was investigated. This prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study was performed at the Tufts Medical Center in cooperation with Harvard University.

A specific type of magnetic resonance imaging (dGEMRIC) was utilized in order to visualize structural changes in the cartilage tissue of the respective study participants. Overall, 30 subjects were randomized into one group receiving 10 g FORTIGEL® a day for 48 weeks and a control group receiving a placebo. Three MRI scans of the knee were performed on each subject, one at baseline, one at 24 weeks with the final scan at 48 weeks.

The analysis of the cartilage scans revealed a statistically significant increase in proteoglycan density in the medial and lateral tibial regions of the FORTIGEL® treated subjects compared to the placebo group. Results indicate that oral supplementation of FORTIGEL® has a direct impact on human cartilage tissue. This confirms previous experimental data and clearly demonstrates that specific orally administered collagen peptides can have an influence on cartilage tissue regeneration. It can be assumed that this observed effect is not limited to pathophysiological conditions, as indicated by additional clinical studies.

 Stimulating bone matrix formation

FORTIGEL regenerates cartilage tissue in humans.

University of Freiburg, Germany confirms mobility improvement in young adults
The intention of the mono-centric, placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind, observational trial on 160 subjects at the Institute for Sports and Sports Science, University of Freiburg, Germany was to investigate the effect of orally administered Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) on young adults suffering from diagnosed activity-related knee joint pain. In the study, a daily dosage of 5 g FORTIGEL® or a placebo was orally administered for 12 duration of weeks. After 3, 6, and 12 weeks changes in pain, stiffness, and physical function were evaluated in the FORTIGEL® group using the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Index score (WOMAC)4.

The results of the study clearly demonstrate the efficacy of a daily intake of 5 g FORTIGEL® in the treatment of gon- and cox-arthritis. After only 3 weeks of oral administration of the product, a statistically significant improvement in pain, stiffness, and physical function could be observed. Moreover, this positive effect of FORTIGEL® persisted and was even more pronounced after 6 and 12 weeks of treatment.

At the same time, secondary treatments such as massage and physiotherapy have been substantially reduced. The increased mobility was accompanied by a statistically significant reduction in stiffness and clear pain relief. In more than 40 % of all patients, a complete pain reduction was achieved and in 70 % a positive effect of the therapy could be demonstrated. Thus FORTIGEL® is an effective therapeutic approach for those suffering from knee- and hip conditions.

FORTIGEL® shows positive pain reduction on main study criteria.
Zdzieblik et al. 2017

Based on the presented data it can be concluded that the oral administration of FORTIGEL® has a beneficial effect on cartilage tissue. Consequently, supplementation of FORTIGEL® peptides can contribute to the maintenance of joint health and could help to preserve mobility and quality of life.

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